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  • Take the Money Personality Quiz!

    Take the Money Personality Quiz from Money Harmony! What's your money personality style? Are you a hoarder? A spender? A money monk? An avoider? An amasser? Take Olivia's and Sherry Christie's Money Personality Quiz from their newest book, Money Harmony: A Road Map for Individuals and Couples, and find out how much of each of the first 5 money types rule your actions and attitudes.

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  • Watch "In the Prime: Couples and Money with Olivia Mellan"

    Olivia has released In the Prime: Couples and Money with Olivia Mellan to the public for all to watch! It is a workshop for individuals and couples that includes money personality types, couples polarization patterns, childhood messages and childhood vows, how to debunk money myths and move toward rational decision-making, both individually and as a couple, and an interview with Deborah Potter from a PBS-TV talk show on couples and money, including discussion of merged vs. separate money.

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  • Olivia's Latest from ThinkAdvisor — Collaborative Divorce: A Win-Win Dissolution

    Collaborative Divorce: A Win-Win Dissolution Olivia's latest content, Collaborative Divorce: A Win-Win Dissolution, is now available online. From the article:

    When my first husband and I decided to end our marriage more than 30 years ago, we wanted to avoid ugly confrontations and create a solution that would give our young son a loving home with both of us sharing custody...


  • (Aug 2014 issue) — Women, Money and the Confidence Gap

    Women, Money and the Confidence Gap Olivia's article from the August 2014 issue of Investment Advisor, Women, Money and the Confidence Gap, is available online at From the article:

    In recent years, banks, brokerage firms and fund companies have pulled out all the stops to make women more confident about money. Prompted by surveys showing women's feelings of helplessness around money management, discomfort with investing and greater risk aversion, the financial industry has sprouted women's initiatives, hosted seminars and published educational brochures by the ream...


  • (July 2014 issue) — The Secret Sadness of Retired Men

    The Secret Sadness of Retired Men Olivia's article from the July 2014 issue of Investment Advisor, The Secret Sadness of Retired Men, is available online at From the article:

    Retirement may be dangerous to your health—especially if you're a man.

    A growing body of research has found that retirement significantly increases the risk of clinical depression and even suicide among men...


  • "Olivia's Secret Language of Money" available for download!

    The Secret Language of Money Olivia's Secret Language of Money - which will take you on a personal and relationship journey to achieve what she calls "Money Harmony" - is now available on the web as a digital download for only $30!

    Hear her talk you through and walk you through childhood messages and vows; money myths; what money types are you and how to reach balance; creating money dialogues; couples depolarization; and much more...

    Buy "Olivia's Secret Language of Money" Now!

Olivia addressing meeting at Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, MS

MicrophoneFrom the article:

Consumers can learn how to better manage their credit at a free workshop set for Oct. 21 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

The event is part of the American Bankers Association's Get Smart About Credit Day.

In addition to the free workshop, financial expert and author Olivia Mellan will be the featured speaker.

Money Harmony Recommended by Michelle Singletary

Michelle Singletary, the personal finance guru for NPR's Day to Day radio show and author of the syndicated "The Color of Money" column for the Washington Post, recommended Olivia's book, Money Harmony: Resolving Money Conflicts In Your Life and Relationships


Olivia's Has Article Published at the Zur Institute Web site

Olivia has published an article, Money and Gender - Therapists and Clients: - Still the Last Taboo for Us Therapists?, at the Zur Institute Web site.


Money Harmony with Olivia Mellan on WWDB-AM ends on May 30th, 2007


After nine months of Olivia's radio show in Philadelphia, Olivia has decided to take a break and consider doing a syndicated radio talk show in a new area. Stay tuned!

Olivia's past shows are archived on this Web site soon after being broadcast. Show Archive...

"The Secret Language of Money" Released as 2-CD Set

Posted @ April 21, 2006, 10:31 AM

Olivia CD The Secret Language of Money is now available as part of the Money Harmony Audio Series. The 2-CD Set includes:

  • CD 1: Take Charge of Your Money: Mastering Your Money Style
  • CD 2: Men, Women and Money: Overcoming Money Conflicts

Price: $39.99. Order the CD now!

Olivia Named to Investment Advisor's Top 25

Posted @ April 27, 2006, 11:31 AM In Investment's Making the Future Happen, Olivia has been named to's Top 25 list of people who have most influenced the financial planning industry this year.

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Olivia Appears on the Today Show!

No Posted Date or Time

The Today Show Olivia recently appeared multiple times on the Today Show to discuss "Overcoming Compulsive Spending: A Guide for Overspenders and their Partners". Major excerpts from the article, as well as the video of the interview, are available on The article in its entirety is also available here on

NEW Teleclass — Money Psychology 102

No Posted Date or Time

Telephone Olivia is starting a new teleclass for individuals & couples: Men, Women and Money: Overcoming Money Conflicts (Money Psychology 102). The next series of this four-session teleclass will start in September 2006.

Please call me or email me to register. I am taking registrations for the next teleclass in Fall 2006.

More Information is available under the Teleclasses section...